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Welcome to the Okanogan Wild Life Council!

To sign up, click the box, fill out the downloaded form, and mail it back to us.

P.O. Box 133 Okanogan WA 98840

Applications must be sent by mail.

Bulletin Board

Due to the hazardous wildfire conditions in our area, the board of directors of the Okanogan Wild Life Council is temporarily prohibiting the use of full metal jacket, steel jacketed, steel core(armor piercing), tracer ammunition, explosive targets (IE Tannerite or any other brand name). We would also at this time like to ensure that everyone is using appropriate backstops and not shooting at the range floor. Failure to comply with these requests could result in the loss of membership.  This closure is temporary and will be lifted as soon as conditions change in a less hazardous direction.  Thank you for your understanding during this time of extraordinary fire danger.


To those members who use the lower range, please make sure that the vehicle gate is being closed behind you as you are entering or exiting the range. This is to prevent non-members from coming into a potentially dangerous area that they are unfamiliar with. Thank you.

Due to COVID-19, all scheduled matches are subject to potential cancelation until further notice

Feel free to join us at one of our monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00pm, in the clubhouse at the centerfire rifle range.

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